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Advance Queensland Pty Ltd is the registered holder of the business names ‘Grown in Queensland’, ‘Product of Queensland’ and ‘Queensland Grown’. The company also owns the Trade Mark logo ‘Grown in Queensland’ for Classes 29 and 31, which includes meat, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and plants.

Queensland producers (Suppliers) wishing to display the logo on their goods and leverage the campaign need to apply for a Licence. The first step is to print and complete the Application form (found here), then print and sign the Undertaking and Warranty (found here), and forward both to the Licencing Administrator, the Queensland Farmers’ Federation.

QFF contact details: Email –  [email protected] . Postal – PO Box 12009, Brisbane George Street, Qld, 4003.

Once your application has been processed, and your products have been reviewed and approved by us, the Licencing Administrator will email you the Licence Agreement and an invoice for the annual License fee. The current Licence fee for Suppliers is $220.00 (including GST). We will then request that you sign and return the Licence Agreement and make payment of the Licence fee as directed. Once we have received, your Licence with us will then be activated, and you can start using the Grown in Queensland trade mark and logo on your goods.

You or your preferred printer (printing business) may then contact us at [email protected] quoting your Licence number, and we will forward the necessary artwork for your use. All Supplier Licensees will be bound by the Code of Practice (found here), and the Licence Conditions of Use (found here).

(Note: Fees quoted are on a ‘per site’ basis and apply to businesses with an annual turnover of less than $10 million AUD. Applicants operating multiple sites may be required to pay additional fees. Fees by negotiation for businesses with an annual turnover greater than $10 million AUD.)


Grown in Queensland

What You Get With Your Licence

  • Listing on the Advance Queensland website of your business name, postcode, products and website/email contact details.

  • 100% of fee consigned to employing Queenslanders to
    administer and market the logo.

  • Joining in solidarity with other farmers and businesses to
    strengthen marketing and distribution options for all.

  • Giving your product maximum exposure to consumers in Queensland.

  • Receiving regular email newsletters about the activities of the
    Grown in Queensland initiative.

May I Use The Logo on my StationEry?
  • Yes, on all marketing material, including invoices, packaging, brochures, website, etc.


Is it Possible to use Different Colours for the Logo?
  • Yes, any colour is acceptable and may be used to maximise the impact for individual Suppliers businesses.


Is my Information Secure?
  • Only your business name, postcode, the products that you grow or produce, and your email contact details will be published on the Advance Queensland website.

  • All other information will be securely held by Advance Queensland and /or its Agents, and will remain confidential.

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