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Although the ‘Grown in Queensland’ logo and initiative was developed to assist Queensland primary producers, Advance Queensland Pty Ltd recognises that many businesses in the state are engaged with producers either by supplying inputs or purchasing produce for consumption.

These businesses can demonstrate their solidarity with Suppliers by promoting the logo which in turn will strengthen that relationship, and also increase the recognition of the Trade Mark. A win-win scenario.

Queensland Businesses (Supporters) wishing to engage with the ‘Grown in Queensland’ initiative and display the logo at their premises, can do so simply by completing an application form found here.

Once the application has been processed, an invoice for an annual service fee will be forwarded. On receipt of this fee, Advance Queensland will forward by Post a sticker for display which will include the Trade Mark logo along with the word ‘Supporter’ and the current year(s). In addition, to assist in the promotion of Supporters businesses, contact details for those businesses will be listed on our website.

The current annual service fee for Supporters is $110.00 (including GST), allowing the Supporters to display the logo for one year, at which time a renewal invoice will be forwarded.

On receipt of the renewal fee, the current display sticker will be forwarded by Post. In addition, items of merchandise will be available to purchase from our website, the proceeds of which will be used exclusively to promote the ‘Grown in Queensland’ initiative.

Important Information


Grown in Queensland

What You Get With Your Licence

  • Listing on the Advance Queensland website of your
    business name, postcode, products/services and email contact details.

  • 100% of fee consigned to employing Queenslanders to
    administer and market the logo.

  • Joining in solidarity with other farmers and businesses to
    strengthen marketing and distribution options for all.

  • Receiving regular email newsletters about the activities of the
    Grown in Queensland initiative.

Is my Information Secure?
  • Only your business name, postcode, the products and services that you provide, and your email contact details will be published on the Advance Queensland website.

  • All other information will be securely held by Advance Queensland and will remain confidential.

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