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Our Story

Advance Queensland Pty Ltd is a privately owned, not for profit company formed by a family with a history of over a hundred years of farming in Queensland.

The company was created with a purpose and desire to promote food produced in Queensland. The Grown in Queensland initiative aims to strengthen marketing and distribution opportunities for farmers ensuring the long term viability of the Queensland agricultural industry.

The company is the owner of the registered Trade Mark logo ‘Grown in Queensland’. When used on packaging and marketing material, this logo, along with an attached Queensland postcode from where the food was grown, will be easily identifiable by consumers.

Farmers who are licensed and adhere to the ‘Code of Practice’ are able to display the ‘Grown in Queensland’ logo on their goods. Not only is the logo available to farmers as ‘Suppliers’, there are opportunities for other businesses and individuals to promote themselves as ‘Supporters’.

The Advance Queensland initiative enjoys strong support from our States leading industry organisation, the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF). The QFF acts as our exclusive Agent for the processing and distribution of Supplier Licences, and supports the goals and values of this initiative.

Advance Queensland operates as a Social Enterprise on a ‘not for profit’ basis. All income is directed to the marketing and administration of the initiative, employing Queenslanders and utilising the services of Queensland businesses.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

As the world continues to evolve, the security and quality of food is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Additionally, food sourced locally not only requires less energy in distribution, but also promotes employment and supports local communities.

The Grown in Queensland initiative is designed to assist Queensland consumers, by placing a priority on the locality of the origin of the food they choose to purchase.

Advance Queensland has developed a Trade Mark that clearly identifies foods grown and produced in Queensland. The Grown in Queensland initiative focuses on the quality, availability and sustainability of Queensland farmer produced goods.

Securing the long term future of Queensland’s agricultural industry is our goal.

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